Work as deliverer

Alma Manu employes 950 newspaper deliverers in Pirkanmaa, Satakunta and Lapland. About one fourth of our deliverers are foreigners.

Our deliverers are at least 18-year-olds, who appreciate independent and responsible work. They are energetic and used to doing things on their own initiative. The average time at work is 2–4 hours per night, but it varies a lot between each deliverer. Most of our workers follow a rhythm of six nights at work and two nights off. In Lapland the working rhythm is different.

Newspaper deliverers' work is paid by the hour. Alma Manu gives you the most of the work equipment needed, but you have to have a car or a bicycle of your own. We pay you compensation for using your own vehicle.

The work community of deliverers consists of areal deliverer teams, each team consisting of 15 to 30 deliverers. Teams get together few times per year. Delivery work and other themes relating to Alma Manu are usual topics in the team meetings. Our deliverers use electronic delivery book (Elli) which operates also in English. In addition all our instructions are translated into English.

Permanent deliverers have good holiday and personnel benefits, for example occupational health care and support for their well-being.

If you are interested in working in Alma Manu, you can fill in a job application here (Application for Early Morning Delivery).


We hire yearly hundreds of new employees, especially newspaper deliverers.

The recruitment is emphasized on holiday season, but we need new energetic and reliable Manus also at other times.

Get to know our open posts, ask for more if needed, and find your way to Alma Manu.