Alma Manu Ltd.

Alma Manu Ltd is the printing and distribution company of Alma Media Plc. It brings together newspaper printing house in Tampere as well as the morning newspaper delivery in Pirkanmaa, Satakunta and Lapland. We have a long experience in printing and delivery. Alma Manu employs 1 100 people, about 950 of them are newspaper deliverers.

You can see our delivery towns in delivery area maps here. We deliver about 40 different newspapers. All of our delivery work is done during the night time and very early in the morning.

There are many foreign deliverers working in Alma Manu. For example in Pirkanmaa we have dozens of deliverers who come from different parts of Africa or Asia. Read more about deliverers´ work in Alma Manu and fill in a job application here.


Telephone Switchboard

010 665 112 *




Administration, printing press and Pirkanmaa delivery
Street address: Patamäenkatu 9, Sarankulma
Postal address: P.O.Box 327,
33101 Tampere

You can take the Tampere bus lines number 11 bus to Sarankulma.


Satakunta delivery
Street address: Pohjoisranta 11 E
Postal address: P.O.Box 58, 28101 Pori


Sea Lapland delivery
Sairaalakatu 2, 94100 Kemi


Lapland delivery
Veitikantie 2-8, 96100 Rovaniemi


* calling to 010-business number
From mobile: 8,35 cent/call + 17,17 cent/min (alv 24%)
From line telephone: 8,35 cent/call + 6,00 cent/min (alv 24%)